The Taxpayer Deception Act Threatens Vital Public Services, Undermines the Democratic Process and Creates Chaos

The Taxpayer Deception Act takes away the rights of local voters by making it harder for voters to pass measures their communities need, and by preventing local voters from passing advisory measures dictating how we want our tax dollars spent.

The Taxpayer Deception Act:

  • Cuts billions from state and local governments and forces cuts to safety net services.

  • Overturns funding for paid family leave, disability insurance, gun violence prevention, and climate programs.

  • Threatens the safety of roads, freeways, and bridges by permanently eliminating billions in road repair and infrastructure funding.

  • Allows just one-third of voters to make local funding decisions and block ballot measures over the will of the majority.

  • Creates chaos, exacerbates the deficit and creates unbalanced budgets.

"The Taxpayer Deception Act will force deep cuts to fire services, parks, libraries, and all local services. We must reject this measure in November."


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